Adding Drivers with Company Codes

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The easiest way to add Drivers is by using Company Codes. Your own company and each subcontractor has a unique company code. This code ensures that a new Driver is associated with the correct company. You can find your Company Code in the top right menu.














Contractor Company Codes are found in the Contractor Companies page.

Multiple Staff users can be set up to receive New Driver signups. Staff users that are responsible for Operations are typically set up to receive the notifications so they can quickly approve new Drivers during snow events.

Here are the steps to getting a new Drivers set up. The process is the same for Contractor Drivers and Company Drivers. Ensure you are using the Company Code that’s associated with the correct Company. If for some reason you give them the wrong Company Code you are able to move them to the correct Company after you have approved them:

  1. Give the new Driver the Company Code. If the Contractor is not set up as a Contractor Company, you need to set them up first. Only the Company Name is a required field.
  2. Tell them to search for YETI SNOW OPERATOR on the App or Play Store. The new Driver downloads and installs YETI.
  3. The new Driver selects “SIGN UP”. They enter the Company Code provided and fill out their contact info.
  4. Staff users with “Moderate New Drivers’ option checked will get an email to approve the new driver. They can approve the new Driver right from the email. Any staff user can also go to the Drivers list and see any Drivers that are “Pending Account Approval” and approve them.
  5. The new Driver will receive an email notifying they their account is approved. They can immediately log in. It is recommended that they confirm their email address but this step is not mandatory.

View of Drivers waiting for approval:



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