Dispatch Map Updates

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We’ve received a lot of feedback on our Dispatch Map. As such we will be releasing a number of updates over the next few weeks that are designed to make the map a much more powerful tool during events. This update includes:

  • Showing all sites on a Route when no crews are actively in a Shift: This gives you a view to all your Sites on Routes and shows you the Routes they are on. This is helpful to get the full picture of your operation. Sites will show as dark grey with coloured lines indicating the Routes. Clicking on the Route will give you the Route Name.
Dispatch Map - default view
Dispatch Map – Default View
  • Routes “activate” when a Crew selects “Start Route”: Prior to this update, Sites would appear on the map when a Route was started. With this improvement, the Sites are already there so when a crew selects “Start Route”, they now light up to show that they are being actioned.
Dispatch Map - Active Route
Dispatch Map – Active
  • Site Status: As before, a Sites colour will change as it’s status changes, white when “waiting for service”, yellow when “Service in progress”, and finally green when “Service Complete”.

Stay tuned for further enhancements as we add the ability to set different colours for Services when complete and different shapes for Sites to indicate different types of Sites that you may have.

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