Messaging Update – two-way, broadcast, notifications and banners

Our messaging service has just undergone a major facelift. We are working hard to deliver messaging tools allow you to communicate effectively with all your team members without the need to resort to texting, phone calls, or another messaging platform. There is huge benefit to using YETI as your messaging platform:

  • No need to maintain a contact list in another platform
  • No hunting around for someones contact info
  • Keep messages stored for future use
  • Allow many users inside your organization visibility to the communications between the field and office

We have introduced the following improvements:

  • Two way messaging: Messaging is now two way. This includes between drivers and from dispatch to drivers.
Two Way Messaging
Chat with each team member


  • Broadcast messaging from Dispatch: Any staff can now select multiple Drivers, Contractors, etc and send out a broadcast message and receive replies. This can be used for a variety of tasks such as role call, alerts and company wide updates, check-ins, etc.
Message Broadcast Tool
Message Broadcast Screen
  • Notifications: Messages sent in YETI behave like iMessages. Mobile users get banners and notifications even if the app is forced closed, web users get notifications even when they are using a different application and YETI is only running in the background. You can see when the message is read or still unread.


Message badge
Message badge
Mobile Badge