November 27th Software update details

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Nov 27th update was a major update for YETI. Included in this update:

  1. Pagination of the Dispatch screen: Pagination will greatly decrease the load time of the dispatch screen when there are a lot of records left on the screen.
  2. Add Dispatch button to Dispatch Screen: We’ve brought back the Add Dispatch button. This button opens the route builder screen so you can quickly create a route right from the Dispatch Screen.
  3. Driver Notes Display in Dispatch: If a crew enters site notes during a site visit, those notes will be displayed under the Services performed
  4. Removal of Equipment Types: Setting Services based on Equipment Types was problematic for many users. We’ve eliminated the requirement to set specific equipment types for Services.
  5. Company Code Column: It is now easier than ever to add Drivers to your own organization or to your Subcontractor Partners. Each company has a unique company code. With this code, a new user can quickly get set up. They can be instructed to download “YETI Snow Operator” from the App or Play Stores, and enter the company code and their contact details. Your administrator will get an email to approve them. Once their email is validated they can begin using YETI. No need to collect their email address, enter them manually, etc.
  6. Move Drivers between Contractors: Drivers can be switched from one Contractor Partner to another
  7. Routes: Better instructions on how to assign routes to specific Drivers. Also there is now no need to assign a Route which allows for Draft Routes to be created and assigned later, typically via the new Add Dispatch button on the Dispatch screen.
  8. Reports:
    1. You can now edit individual records in the Billing, Contractor Invoice, and Timesheet reports.
    2. Merging records on a site visit: Crews that record multiple crew members completing the same Service will have their records merged so that YETI does not create duplicate billing records for Flat Rate Charge Type Services.
    3. Added more columns
    4. Customize Column Feature
    5. Sort by Column: Clicking on a Column header will sort the records by that Column
  9. Mobile App:
    1. YETI Logo removed from home screen so no scrolling on smaller screens
    2. Training Screen is Live: This will display snow training videos, and an App Training Video for Drivers
    3. Crew List: When creating a crew at the beginning of a shift, the whole list of available Drivers will be displayed
    4. Equipment No longer required on Service: As many companies are using flat rate billing, YETI now only requires that one Service be selected for a Site Record. Equipment can be entered as well for hourly tracking but this is now optional.
    5. Delete photo improvements: It is easier now to see which photo you want to delete.
    6. Background photo upload: This is to improve the push of photos in the background during poor network connectivity


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