Set Route Visibility based on the Season

In order to keep your Dispatch maps and Route lists on users mobile apps as simple and clean as possible, we have introduced the ability to set when a Route is visible based on the Season. This enables setting Routes to be displayed based on the month or Contract Start Date. This is useful for Routes such as Pre-Season Inspections, Post Season Cleanup, Lot Sweeping, or Curb Repair Routes.

There are currently three options for displaying Routes based on the time of year:

Routes- Season Options
Options for Seasonal Settings

The Routes Screen will now display the Season(s) that a Route will be displayed on the mobile app as well as on the Global Map in Dispatch.

Routes Screen Seasons
Column showing Seasonal Setting for Routes

Setting the start and end of each season is available in your Company Settings.

Settings Season Dates
Set the start and end of each season.