Put your feet up and learn why other snow contractors rely on YETI

Simple and accurate routing

Import your existing routes, build new ones, or manage your routes quickly. Add sites and automatically order your routes for fastest drive time. Our route builder has built in optimization to streamline the processing of routing your crews.

snow removal software route tracker
snow removal site map software

Manage servicing your sites with GPS

Using our mobile app YETI – Snow Operator and our web platform YETI – Snow Management System, you can track servicing with GPS. Using the web portal you can put a virtual fence around all of your sites. YETI will automatically log when your crews are on and off sites.

Stay on top of equipment inventory and increase efficiency

YETI – Snow Management System manages all your company owned and subcontractors equipment.

snow removal software equipment dashboard
snow removal site map software

Manage risks and insurance costs

YETI – Snow Management System keeps meticulous records of all work done and verifies this data with GPS and photos. Reduce your liability with records you can prove true. With multiple records saved for every service completed we can help you reduce your risk of increasing insurance costs.

Features to improve your operations

No matter what size operation, YETI – Snow Management System will save you time and help you organize your fleet to be ready for the next event.

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