Here is what users are saying about the award-winning Yeti Snow Management Software that manages your entire business.

"Yeti has been an integral part of First Choice’s in-house growth over the past year and helped successfully launch 3 satellite branches in Denver, Columbus, OH, and Milwaukee. Yeti allowed us to monitor progress and be a step ahead of our clients’ needs with the breadcrumb trail to see what areas of a particular site had been hit. With high-priority clients that run their operations on a schedule, we were able to focus on priority zones at the right times or during shift changes while the snow is still falling during an event to keep operations running smoothly. It allowed First Choice to be able to monitor crews throughout our truck routes which helped to give real-time updates to the clients without calling drivers and taking their attention from the task at hand, keeping them safer in the field. We were even able to identify a driver that was lost mid-route and able to get him back on-track to minimize time lost. It eased the process of the standard time clock being able to pre-load an employee’s hourly rate making pay periods not the hassle of days past. Yeti has helped take some of the time-consuming busy work and streamline it at the end of the event."

Dakota Danielson
VP First Choice Snow Management

"Our insurance company loves Yeti because it gives us recorded data and pictures of every job we do, which makes it easy to fight slip and fall litigations. And this year we had payroll and all our invoicing done by noon following a storm. I like having all our data in one place, being able to track jobs real-time, and having access to good reporting. Yeti saves us a lot of time and effort — it’s a great piece of software."

David Clemons
Marzilli & Company

"When I need accurate data, YETI provides it at the snap of a finger, and it saves me at least one day a week in the office dealing with paperwork. I’m really impressed — it’s a lifesaver."

Javan Martin
Vanica Snow Removal, Ontario

"What I like most about Yeti is that it’s designed for snow and ice management companies like Invictus. It has become our event planner and management program; it tracks time in and out for our operators and captures pictures—which provide a great back-up story. Yeti’s service history reports are available at the end of every event night and this lets us bill quicker—including contractors whose billings could drag as long as seven days previously! We love working with the Yeti team — it’s just what we need."

Brad "Ice Man" Caton
Invictus Professional Snowfighters Ltd.

"Yeti is absolutely perfect for the snow industry. It saves hours of manual work by completely eliminating paper logging, improving efficiencies, and generating accurate invoicing. My clients love it because if there’s ever a question about a job, we can produce a GPS tracking report instantly with photos. Yeti does everything we need and more—and it’s constantly improving with regular updates. I have zero issues with it and nothing but great things to say about the whole experience."

All Seasons Landscape Services
John Balcerek

"Yeti really sets us apart from our competition. It manages our UK wide gritting and snow clearing operation very efficiently and cost-effectively. Our clients really appreciate the fully transparent service Yeti provides—they get before and after pictures, service reports, and tracking so they know we have done every job. And our operators find the app easy to use. With Yeti everything flows easily, and it puts us in control."

Dean Harvey

"As a contractor for the government, commercial, and residential clients, we need accurate and detailed logs of the work we perform. Yeti – Snow Management System has been the single most useful software platform we have ever used."

Seth Stenner
Pro Snow Solutions Ltd

"With more extreme weather events in our area, winter services have formed a larger and larger part of our business. Yeti Snow Management System has allowed us to scale up our business by providing all the information our crews need in the field right on their phone. Routing instructions and site maps and notes. Details from the field are sent in real-time ensuring that we don’t ever miss a billable service."

Andrew Erikson
Erikson Landscaping

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