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As a contractor for government, commercial, and residential clients, we need accurate and detailed logs of the work we perform. YETI – Snow Management System has been the single most useful software platform we have ever used.

Seth Stenner, Partner, Pro Snow Solutions Ltd.

We run a variety of equipment and service government and commercial properties. We’ve got to get our invoicing right. During major snow events it can be difficult to keep track of all the equipment and the details of what work was performed on each site. YETI – Snow Management System has singlehandedly ensured that our invoicing is accurate and timely.

Owen Hewitt, Owner, Shipwreck Industries

With more extreme weather events in our area, winter services have formed a larger and larger part of our business. YETI – Snow Management System has allowed us to scale up our business by providing all the information our crews need in the field right on their phone. Routing instructions and site maps and notes. Details from the field are sent in real-time ensuring that we don’t ever miss a billable service.

— Andrew Erikson, Owner, Erikson Landscaping

I am a stickler for site photos and evidence that we did the work we are billing for. Many of our sites are 24/7 facilities and we will visit them multiple times a day when an event is happening making it all the more critical to show evidence of the clearing activities we performed throughout the event. YETI has helped us log everything and automatically upload photos for future reference.

— Tony Davey, Standguard Enterprises Ltd.

I’ve been an operator for Cassian for a number of years. As a seasonal operator it’s difficult to remember all the details of each site, optimal driving route, site specific instructions, hazards. Plus, when you are pulling huge shifts you can’t remember everything there is to remember. Yeti has been a huge aid in helping me save time when it comes to driving, timesheets, and site servicing. Everything is on my phone whenever I need it.

— Justin Clark, Cassian Commercial Services Inc.