Trademark Usage Guidelines

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YETI and the paw – they’re big, furry, and fun. However, there are some guidelines that we all need to follow when we decide to use them.

First, a quick lay of the land: 

  • YETI and the paw and other marks that we use are our trademarks and symbols. As laid out in our Terms and Conditions, you may not use any of these without our prior written permission.
  • If you are a YETI partner, the terms for your use of the marks are laid out in the “Trademarks” section of the Master Partner Agreement.
  • If we think that your use of our trademarks is in violation with any of our legal terms or these guidelines, or if we feel that your use isn’t in YETI’s best interest, we can revoke your right to use our marks at any time.

For general uses of our marks:

  • Your use of the marks should not suggest any sponsorship or endorsement by us, and shouldn’t confuse our brands with any other brands.
  • Please don’t do any of the following:
    • Combine any of our marks with your name, your marks, or any generic terms
    • Incorporate any of our marks into your name or logo
    • Change the color of our logo
    • Photoshop or otherwise modify our logos
    • Use old versions of our logos
    • Add words directly around the logos
    • Overlap our logo with shapes or photos
    • Associate our marks with any vulgar, obscene, indecent or unlawful material
  • You may not create a Twitter handle or other social media account whose username or title could suggest affiliation with or endorsement by us.
  • You may not use a trademark, domain name, or logo that imitates or could be confused with our marks.

Looking to use one of our marks? Get in touch with us at