Update: Dispatches VS Regular Routes

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We have rolled out a new view of Routes in the Routes Page. This view allows users to see the two types of Routes: Dispatches, and Regular Routes. Here is a brief description of the differences between Dispatches and Routes:

  1. Dispatches: Dispatches are Routes with a Start Time. They are intended to be used once and will be available on a crew’s mobile app to select only once. This is applicable for companies that do not assign routes ahead of events, or for work orders requiring specific Sites and Services to be performed.
  2. Routes: Routes are typically built and assigned during the pre-season and do not change much over the season. They may get sites added or be assigned and reassigned during the season as required. However, in general, they are assigned and have a sequence of Sites that doesn’t get modified a lot. These Routes are available to anyone that they are assigned to and can be actioned repeatedly during the course of a season.

We have updated how you can view Dispatches and Routes, separating them so that you have a clear view of which are standard Routes and which are Dispatches.

Route Page
New Route page with Dispatches



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