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Yeti's VIP Program.

Yeti's laser focus on the snow and ice industry puts us in a unique position to tailor our application to the needs of snow fighters. It's our contractors and their feedback that has helped us develop Yeti to be the best platform for snow and ice. As a VIP here's what we are offering you:

  1. 1.
    Run Yeti free until December 31, 2021. That's right. Put up to 50 sites in Yeti and run it in part of your company for the rest of the year. No charge. If you want to run more than 50 sites we'll apply a 50% discount on the plan you choose.
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    Contribute to the development roadmap. We'll schedule one on one sessions with you throughout the first few months to get your direct feedback on what you like, what needs improvement, what is missing. This feedback will be used to directly affect the direction we take future development priorities. Be part of the development process!!
With all Yeti subscribers, we include free one-on-one training to get you and your team set up and make sure you are getting value from Yeti.

Click here to schedule a one-on-one to get started with our VIP program:

What people are saying

What I like most about Yeti is that it’s designed for snow and ice management companies like Invictus. It has become our event planner and management program; it tracks time in and out for our operators and captures pictures—which provide a great back-up story. Yeti’s service history reports are available at the end of every event night and this lets us bill quicker—including contractors whose billings could drag as long as seven days previously! We love working with the Yeti team — it’s just what we need.

— Brad "Ice Man Caton", Invictus Professional Snowfighters Ltd., British Columbia

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