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Give YETI Snow + Ice Management Platform a test run this summer. No credit card required

Messaging Update – two-way, broadcast, notifications and banners

Our messaging service has just undergone a major facelift. We are working hard to deliver messaging tools allow you to communicate effectively with all your.

Set Route Visibility based on the Season

In order to keep your Dispatch maps and Route lists on users mobile apps as simple and clean as possible, we have introduced the ability.

Billing Report Update – Export to XERO Accounting

As we work towards syncing with a number of accounting software platforms, we have added the ability to export your billing report into an Excel.

Major Map Update

We are super excited to announce a major update to our Dispatch map. Here’s a summary of the new features: Routes and Dispatches showing on.

Major Site Image Editor Update

Along with our new Dispatch Map we have completely revamped our Site Image Editor. Here is a summary of the new features: Ability to save.

Total Route Area Calculations added to Route Builder

To help with planning and resource allocation we have added some area calculation features to our Route Builder. Now, in addition to estimating the driving.

Update: Dispatches VS Regular Routes

We have rolled out a new view of Routes in the Routes Page. This view allows users to see the two types of Routes: Dispatches,.

Dispatch Map Updates

We’ve received a lot of feedback on our Dispatch Map. As such we will be releasing a number of updates over the next few weeks.

Improvements to dispatch screen record editing

We’ve made some small changes to editing records while they are in the dispatch screen. In some cases a crew will have selected the wrong.

New Feature – Dispatch Auto Approve Records

For those contractors who want to automatically clear their dispatch screen, we have enabled a new feature to auto-approve records. Here are the steps to.