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Jan 8 – Web App Update

Billing and Contractor Invoice reports – new record form We just implemented a new, slightly more complex form to better help you create or edit.

Adding Drivers with Company Codes

The easiest way to add Drivers is by using Company Codes. Your own company and each subcontractor has a unique company code. This code ensures.

Viewing Rejected Records

We have implemented a new approach for handling rejected records. Records on the dispatch screen can be rejected for a number of reasons. This could.

Dec 4 – Mobile App Update – 2.5.6

Improvements made on the mobile app include: Receive push notifications from dispatch: Dispatch can now send push notifications to Drivers and see when they have.

November 27th Software update details

Nov 27th update was a major update for YETI. Included in this update: Pagination of the Dispatch screen: Pagination will greatly decrease the load time.

Introducing – What’s New with YETI

Thanks for all of you who have chosen to use YETI Snow + Ice Management. We are working hard to make YETI the best for.