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Give YETI Snow + Ice Management Platform a test run this summer. No credit card required.


Benefits to business Owners

  • Reduce risk and liability from slip fall claims.
  • Reduce paperwork and optimize administration.
  • Improve efficiency of your crews, save money
  • Improve billing accuracy and timeliness: get invoices done faster and more accurately.
  • Get a leg up on your competition by offering your clients real-time visibility to your crews. Be a leader in transparency and gain your clients trust for years to come.

Benefits to Field Crews

  • Work safer having better information on the sites safety issues.
  • Work smarter with optimized routes, saving time traveling to sites.
  • Show you’re a professional. Photos of your work and GPS time stamps can allow you to show clients work was completed.
  • Your timesheets and reports are done WHILE you are doing the work. No more going home after a long night and having paperwork to deal with.
  • Yeti ensures you don’t miss a site. Nights can be long and things get missed. Yeti ensures you stay on track and get all the sites done. While on site, the most current site map is at your fingertips ensuring you know exactly what to do when you get there. Gate codes, site contact info, hazards can be easily viewed.
  • Photos and notes are tagged to site reports. No more storing photos, notes, times, in separate places and trying to manage them. Everything is recorded and combined into a single site report, freeing you up to focus on your work.

Benefits to operations managers

  • Optimize your equipment to get more done with less.
  • Improve communications with the field.
  • Increase the quality of your work.
  • Improve visibility to quantities of consumables used and better manage inventory.
  • Improve client communications.

Benefits to the office staff

  • Get your work done quicker and more accurately: Stop chasing field crews for information so you can bill. It’s all there when you get to the office in the morning!
  • Eliminate errors from manual entries, paper forms, or crews forgetting things. All data from your crews is entered at the time service is rendered digitally, eliminating manual entries, eliminating delays, and missing information.
  • Have all your client, site, equipment, crew, equipment, and subcontractor information all in one place.

Benefits to clients

  • Reduce exposure to slip fall claims by ensuring your contractor is storing the records of their site visits to reference years from now.
  • Verify the work is performed as per the contract.
  • Use the data for improving the quality of the work. Work with your contractor to ensure your site is serviced properly.
  • Get visibility to real-time status of what equipment is doing on your sites.
  • View before and after photos of the work.
  • View weather forecast data so you and your contractor can make better decisions.