Mapping & Route

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Reduce redundancy and optimize performance

Sitemap Builder

Create sites for service performance. Easily manage site details, geofence, time zones and more in a single cohesive place. 
Achieve peak performance with intelligent route tracking

Route Builder

Create optimized routes by integrating real-time data, including current weather conditions and crew availability. Adjust routes on the fly to adapt to changing conditions or new service requests.  a single cohesive place. 
Real-time control & global insight

Global Map

Our global mapping tool offers an interactive mapping interface that provides a real-time view of your entire service area. Monitor your fleet and crew activities in real time by tracking vehicle locations and crew progress. Strategically allocate resources and optimize routes to minimize travel time and maximize crew productivity. 

Manage responsibilities with ease

Assign Routes & Sites

Assign crew members to sites and routes. Easily manage and track the work completed and work hours via site assignment. 

Set and track locations accurately 

GPS Precise Location Tracking with Geofencing

Set an exact service area with geofencing. Deliberately outline the area where crews will perform and monitor crew members and route status on all shifts.

Grow your business with Yeti.

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Customer & Subcontractor Management

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Reports &

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Invoicing & Payments

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When I need accurate data, YETI provides it at the snap of a finger, and it saves me at least one day a week in the office dealing with paperwork. I’m really impressed — it’s a lifesaver.

— Javan Martin, Vanica Snow Removal, Ontario